Photography fills a part of my life without which I am not completely whole. It’s a poor day if I can’t capture an image or edit one in Lightroom or simply write about the process of photography. This web site is in response to this need to create. I hope as you wander round these virtual spaces you discover something that engages or interests you. Not everything here is to be enjoyed some images might give you pause for thought, a moment of reflection and inner thought. And some images are in a state of evolution, being developed and refined as my ideas grow and change around what I see.

But welcome, for what ever reason you are here now and a warm greeting is the least an hospitable host can offer. Who am I? Garry Platt, I live in the Peak District which is the backbone of high moor, gritstone outcrops, limestone crags and beautiful countryside running up the centre of England. I have lived here all my life virtually in the same house, I am now 58. The same lanes and roads and fields which surround me now are the same ones I played in as a child. Everything has a memory and meaning everything recalls an incident or an image from my life.

After I got my first job I saved up to buy a 35mm SLR, it was a Canon A1, I remember it well, and that purchase opened the door for me. I had a short dalliance with trying to processes my own film but I was hopeless and eventually relied on people with more skill and aptitude in this area. But it was the advent of digital which really inspired me. I had complete control from beginning to end and I could transfer the vision I had when pressing the shutter onto the screen or paper on which it was printed.

I still have a long long way to go in developing my skills thank goodness, the journey of development is half the fun for me. When I look at who and what has most strongly influenced me my family and parents aside the list is long but some of the more notable names with which you may be familiar are:

Benjamin Britten ~ Composer

Henri Cartier-Bresson ~ Photographer

Manuel de Falla ~ Composer

Gustav Holst ~ Composer

Vivian Maier ~ Photographer

Montague Rhodes James ~ Writer

Joaquín Rodrigo ~ Composer

Howard Phillips Lovecraft ~ Writer

Edwin Smith ~ Photographer

Vaughan Williams ~ Composer

So please look around, do, do, do get in touch. I’d really love to hear from you, read your comments and hear your opinions. I am ALWAYS interested in getting involved with projects where I might make a contribution and collaborate with creative people.

All the images you find here are licensed under a Creative Commons License, specifically: Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International. Essentially this means you can use my work for commercial or non commercial purposes as long as it is unchanged and I am credited for the work. In some circumstances I may allow adaptations and changes dependant upon what they are - just contact me, I am usually quite amenable.